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    Default Washer hoses disconnected and/or missing

    Anyone have a schematic or some good pics of how the hoses are routed? I bought an '06 T5 recently that as it turns out has had little maintenance over its 87k miles. One issue that went unnoticed while test driving it (shame on me for not hitting every button twice) was that the windshield and rear window washers don't work. The headlight washers do. Preliminary investigation shows that there is a hose coming from under the resevoir and then clipped to the side of it at the top that appears to go nowhere. The hose leading back from the nozzels under the hood appears cut or disconnected in the hood hinge area. Fluid appears under the car behind the rigth front wheel when the washer is activated. I need a schematic drawing on the hose system to find the problem - what hoses, connectors, check valves, etc are missing and make the fix. Otherwise I'll have to find another similar spec XC90 to look at and just mimic the hose routing.
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