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    OK, the alternator with the OAP pulley will goes bad some time, the OAP pulley help engine run smoother; But I never heard this thing before and I don't feel any vibration from alternator on all other cars; So, what's happen if I (or can I) replace my XC70 OAP alternator with non OAP alternator?
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    I had the pulley on the T5 welded solid when it started slipping. The cost of that work was inlcuded in a complete rebuild, totaling $105. Cash.

    There was no difference in engine smoothness, noise, or MPG.

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    Changed the OAP pulley on my XC after removing Alternator from the car, needed this socket, and a set of XZN sockets, I also replaced the brush pack while I was there, the OAP was chirping but not frozen, installed new belt and new tensioner pulley, tensioner pulley felt a little dry, I popped the seal on the old one and inject new grease in it, replaced the seal, I guess I could have reused the tensioner pulley it actually felt as smooth as the new one,
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    First things I had to do was to move the coolant and power steering tanks out of the way by placing them on top of the engine, then removing the serpentine belt. I also removed the power steering hose retainer on top of the PS pump as it gets in the way on messing with the serpentine belt and threatens to slice your hand or wrist given the chance.

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