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    Exclamation Help with Rear Seat DVD system

    Hey guys, new to the forum and the Volvo world. Recently acquired a '10 CPO XC60. It's got the dual DVDs in the headrests, and though I've read the DVD manual from front to back I just can't figure it out. We can get a picture, and I can get sound to play through the cars main audio, but I cannot get my IR Headphones to work (bought separately as the Volvo ones were not included) also the passenger side isn't making a connection to headphones plugged in to the headphone jack (drivers side works fine). My troubleshooting says to make sure IR Sensors are "on" but doesn't tell me how to do that. Also talks about something called "aii" but gives no reference to what this means or controls. We are going on a trip this weekend and would love to be able to use our DVD players with the IR headsets. If anyone knows of a reasonably price set of the Volvo stock headphones, or where I could order them that info would be great too! Thanks! Haley
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    Go to the dealer, I had to and it took several people to get it to sort'a work. It is a terrible system from a controls perspective. My IR headphones work, remember the A B switch is which screen you are listening too. The aii is how you get it to play through the speakers. The techs had so much trouble getting the aii set-up done that I figure to just fight my way through it some day soon. I bought a CPO and when there was no headphones my guy ran off grabbed two from stock and tossed them in the car. A CPO should have all equipment with it. Also the remote control is the way to make everything work, the controls on the DVD units are worthless.

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