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    Default Occasional Noise/Jamming when in reverse.

    My wife drives our 2005 XC90 T6 (~140,000 miles) and she and my daughter have given me the following symptoms. I have yet to find anything that seems to match what they are telling me and while I don't drive the car a lot I have yet to experience it. They tell me the car occasionally makes a clunking noise and it feels like you are running something over when in reverse. My wife said she has actually gotten out of the car twice to try and see what she ran over, but nothing is there. Again, it's only happened in reverse, has happened about 6 or 7 times now (all in the past month) but all other times everything seems fine - no error codes etc.
    My thought is that something is jamming, but I have no clue as to what that might be - any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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    My first thought is the parking brake pads. Similar issue on my wifes xc90 2006 118k miles. My wife's car had been making grinding noises from time to time. Eventually the noise was occurring more and more frequently until it hit the "Honey Do list or I'm going to kill you....." Broke down the rear brakes last night and found the parking brakes destroyed. Fortunately the inside drum section of the brake roter wasn't damaged. The pads had separated from the shoe and were flopping around inside the drum. Parts of the pad were big enough that I was surprised they did jam up the movement of the vehicle. Not sure if what your experiencing is the same but worth a look.

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    I agree with SaltyXC90. If you decide to check out the condition of the parking brake shoes be sure you release all tension on the actuating cable before trying to pull the rotor off. I learned the hard way that you can destroy shoes pulling off the rotor if any tension is left on that cable.
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