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    Default Fuel filter replacement with pictures

    Finally got around to changing it. Only took 10-15 minutes. It is located under car in front of the right rear wheel. Basically right under rear passenger seat.
    Pulled the fuse for the fuel pump, just to be safe. (#33 in fuse box by drivers door)
    Had a container to catch whatever fuel spilled when I disconnected.
    Used a 12mm socket to take off bolt holding fuel filter bracket to car.
    The blue plastic on the lines before and after the fuel filter are quick disconnects. You just squeeze them and it pops off.
    Only a little bit came out as you can see in the picture.
    The new filter clipped into the lines, bracket was put back on and fuse went in.
    Started the car and shut off 3 times just to get the fuel pressure back and that was that.

    Next I'm doing the DIY HD-TCV with new hoses. Parts were only ~$32, that's why I'm going that route instead of the ipd or ard tcv.
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    Good job. I think I used vise grips to pinch off the fuel lines and I also used a little PB blaster to loosen the plastic push-button style connectors (those get dirty from being underneath!). I also left the key in position 2 for a few mins. so as to build up fuel pressure after noticing it wouldn't turn over right away (oops!). Please post pics of your TCV job!

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