View Poll Results: If you could choose between Diesel and Petrol on your next Volvo- What would you get?

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  • Petrol(Gas) only please with Automatic Trans

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  • Petrol(Gas) but with the 6 speed manual tranny

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  • Diesel D5 engine please but automatic

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  • Diesel D5 engine with 6 speed manual

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    Question Would you order a Diesel for your next Volvo if available?

    I'm going to forward the poll results to Volvo once compiled...

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    YES !
    I would love the new Bluetec/AdBlue diesel engine in a Volvo.
    I own a BMW with the AdBlue diesel and it is cleaner than a gasoline engine when it comes to emissions.
    If Volvo came out with a clean diesel like the VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes then I would jump on one.
    That's one reason I have been looking at the XC60 but the poor gas economy of the 6 cylinder gasoline engine keeps me away.

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    Yes I would.
    The current engines are using up a lot of gas, especially in city driving.
    2003 XC70
    2002 S60 2.4T

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