I know that I have brought this topic up before, but ... I didn't really get the info I need:
Sirius radio. My car 2009 xc70 is NOT prepped for Sirius. I do NOT want to use the plug and play (I am now, and it's unsightly). How would I go about wiring for Sirius in my car? Is it just that the cable for the Sirius is not connected (there is NO cable under the rear panel), and I need to bring a cable from the head to the rear, then to an antenna? OR...is the HU not compatible? If it's just the cable and antenna that I need to make it 'prepped', I am confident that I can pull a car apart as well as the dealer can. I have already had the console out, exploring.
Here's my thought: If it just needs the cable and antenna, I will search salvage yards for the parts.