New 2003 XC70 owner with 134k miles. I'm still getting familiar with the vehicle. I did an ABS stop at an open area the other day to get a sense of the feel and behavior of the car. After a complete stop, I waited a few seconds and put on the gas. It felt like the vehicle was in neutral (ie, no go). I took my foot off the gas and then put it on again, and it shifted hard into gear like when someone revs it up in neutral then drop it in D. My question is is it his normal to shift into neutral during an ABS stop maybe as a safety feature? I know earlier years had the neutral stop feature which people don't seem to like, but I have an 2003.

2nd question is I've been doing a few drain and fills of the transmission fluid. Previous owner really took care of it and I have all receipts. They did a tranny flush about 1.5 years ago, maybe 30k miles at a shop that specialized in Swedish cars (Swedish Engineering here in Ann Arbor, lots of Volvos around, reputable place, but have since gone to all imports). I ask the guy who answered the phone, maybe a service rep, what they used to flush because I know about the very special fluid this transmission uses. He said compatible synthetic, but I get the sense he didn't really know he was just trying to impress me with the word "synthetic" because everybody thinks it's better. I've read 3309 is not synthetic. So given that, I'm using Toyota type-IV. I've put in 9.5 quarts so far (3 flushes). Yesterday I noticed clunking under certain conditions when shifting between P, R, and D in no particular order. I don't know if it's new or I've just never noticed. I tried it again this morning and first shift was smooth, but other shifts still had a little clunking and it may be related to change in direction like when the car moves a little rearwards, it clunks shifting into D and vice versa. While I expect this if I park on a hill and vehicle rolls to wind up the gear, I don't expect it on level surface. I also put in park brake pads yesterday so I used park brake to stop sometimes. I was going really slow inside the garage. Don't know if maybe that wound up the AWD because only rear got brakes and front was free. So anyway, we're going on a 1000 mile road trip really soon and I'm paranoid something is going to go wrong because I'm still unfamiliar with this vehicle history after a few weeks (having 8 years of receipt does help a lot).

Unrelated question, I put in new gear oil in the bevel gear. Only way I can access it is with front wheels on a ramp while I was doing the tranny D&F. I only sucked out about 150ml and unknown amount going in because it was very difficult to find a way to put in measured amount. If I had to guess I'd say maybe 3-400mL so maybe it was low. Anyway, I filled it with car on the ramp until fluid leaked out of the fill hole (boy did it leak out, all that fluid in the tubing). Waited a while, tried to asses the amount but really had no good way. I just plugged it back up thinking since the ramp made it go uphill and hole is in the back, so the real amount is somewhere lower than the hole as it should be. Has anybody done it this way and figured out if it's close to the 150ml you're supposed to take out?

Thanks for any input to any of my questions.