Although I have been on the XC70 forum for many years, this is my first post on the XC90 forum. As my 2002 XC70 is getting older, and I don't like the shape of the 2008+ XC70, I have started looking at the XC90. I can get a very clean 2008 D5 with 93.000 km (58.000 miles) at a reasonable price and am busy researching before I commit.

Specifically, the vehicle is fitted with the Polestar upgrade which increase power from 136 kW to 151 kw and torque from 400 Nm to 450 Nm ... This is all quite cool BUT the torque peak of 450Nm exceeds the transmission specification. The 6-speed automatic AW TF-80 SC transmission is rated at 440 Nm maximum, and if you look at the Volvo specs for all engines (V8, T6) that use this gearbox, the torque is limited to 440 Nm. [As an aside, I run a Elevate chip upgrade on my XC70, which increased power from 147 kW to 176 kW and torque from 285 Nm to 390 Nm and I love it ...].

According to the dealer and the Polestar web site, Polestar is the "officially sanctioned" Volvo chip upgrade, and fully guaranteed by Volvo. The upgrade also does not affect the standard (or extended) vehicle warranty.

I have two questions:

1. Does anybody have experience with this specific Polestar upgrade to the D5 engine?

2. Any comments / thoughts on the fact that the maximum torque with the Polestar upgrade exceeds the transmission's maximum torque rating?