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    There is a theory the HD TCVs makes no difference.

    Many people (me included) experienced replacing HD TCV with no difference and replace the top 2 of the 3 hoses with silicon and got performance.

    You might just try to replace the 2 hoses to silicon with the stock TCV and see what happens Here is a discussion
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    Hey Howard,
    Thanks for the input. I saw that thread when I got JRL's response in this thread earlier, suggesting the TCV might be worth investigating.

    Since my hesitation woes seem to be put to rest for now, my plan is to replace the Intercooler hose & coupler with silicone (they're pretty oil degraded) and do to TCV lines with silicone (I'm kinda looking forward to all that spiffy blue stuff under the hood ) and see if I notice anything. I'll wait on a new TCV as I really hate to be a frivolous parts replacer.

    I'm hoping to redo the turbo drain line seal (I'm getting a fairly good coating of oil on my Haldex and belly pan) and that CBV while I'm at it. Might be a bit too ambitious to do it all at once as my assistant is 3 years old and doesn't have much of an attention span .
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