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    Default Horn out of control

    Greetings, fellow Volvo enthusiasts,
    I've got a 1990 740 stationwagon with close to 200,000 miles. Today the horn started honking on its own whenever I turned the wheel at least 90 degrees in either direction, usually during (slow) city driving.
    Any thoughts on this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

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    I guess there is a short somewhere.

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    You're posting IN THE WRONG FORUM
    This is the forum for the WEBSITE HELP (posted right at the top) not help for your car!
    Please post in the appropriate forum and you may actually get some answers

    This is also, the site for for Cross Countries, not old rear wheel drive!!

    I suggest you go to a site such as and post in the proper sub forum FOR YOUR CAR.
    Seriously, why would you post here and why in this sub forum which is not even for cars?

    (You have a short or a broken wire or a broken clock spring in the steering column. Meanwhile I suggest you open your hood and pull the wires from the horns until fixed)
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    Default Horn out of control

    I was backing out of a spot and as I turned the wheel I heard and felt something grab inside the steering wheel area. The next next thing you know it released and now my horn and cruise control dosnt work. Do you think its something inside the steering wheel or something more complex like the steering rack?

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