We bought a 2008 XC70 with 34k miles on it last November for $22k. No dings, scratches, leather, dvd players in the headrests, all around great shape. Carfax looked great. Felt it was a screaming good deal. Love the car and it has done great. We got it from the used lot at a Toyota dealer.

Took it in today to our local Volvo dealer to get it checked out for a clunking noise that my wife reports around the passenger front wheel when turning and an overall inspection. The dealer called back and the guy said some bushings in the front are getting worn and will need to be replaced for $931 before taxes. Also recommends a "tune up" for $631 - change plugs, cabin filter, etc. He also goes on to say that the battery is looking bad and has ruined the neg cable and that is $465. I choked when he said $465 for the battery/cable! He said the cable harness is going bad since the battery is going bad and to change the harness takes some time therefore the high price. Has anyone heard of a wiring harness where the battery cables going into going bad?

I am new to life with a Volvo -- do these prices seem right? they seem a little high to me. The car sat on the lot for about 3 months so I can see the battery needing to be replaced but the bushings (he forgot what bushings and will get back to me!) going bad and the plugs needing replacement every 30k miles?