Over the last year the digital read out display on the bottom left of the instrument cluster has been acting erratically. It would sometimes be on, then off, flicker and jumble the information. I didn't really worry about it or care to fix it just thinking of the cost of the electronics. It wasn't effecting anything else in the instrument cluster or wasn't reading bad messages.

Just the other day the entire cluster went down and all the gauges were at zero. My wife was driving the car and dropped it by our local dealer. They said it was the Combination Instrument Part #8602763. The cost for them to replace it is ~$1500. Wow that is crazy.

The car is driving fine and the panel is on at the moment but I know it will go out again.

I have been doing some research and what most people are saying it is the DIM Driver Information Module and can be rebuilt. Is this the same as the Combination Instrument?

I have found the part here which is basically what the dealer is quoting me:

I am assuming this comes with all new modules on the back/inside that will need to reprogrammed with the correct car info and software.

I have also found these sites that rebuild the parts but the part numbers don't match up.



I can do instrument clusters for around $250 + shipping. Sounds like a steal vs. a whole new unit.

So my real question is:
Is the Combination Instrument Panel the same as the DIM.