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    Default Which Used Volvo Should I Buy?

    I need some help figuring out which used Vovlo is the better value and was told to come here for some advice! My 2001 V70 wagon was recently totaled. Fortunately everyone in the car is OK. I was not at fault (not information you need to know, but it makes me feel a little better about the incident). I'm now in the market for another Volvo wagon, and am having trouble making a decision about which car to buy. I intend to run the car into the ground, so I'm more interested in longevity and value for my dollar now as opposed to the car's resale value later.

    Up until this morning I was considering purchasing one of two cars. The first is a 2003 with ~85,000 miles on it and the other is a 2005 with ~75,000 miles on it. Both are in very good condition, neither has been in an accident, and both have had two previous owners. According to Kelly Blue Book the 2003 is worth about $12,500 and the 2005 is valued at ~$15,500. The dealer has them priced at $13,900 and $16,900 respectively, but sounds willing to come down on the price. The dealer is also my regular mechanic and has told me that they will give me a 12 month, 12.5 k warranty on either vehicle. I noticed while test driving the 2003 that the digital clock doesn't work, and have seen some posts on here about 2003s having faulty DIMs. When I brought this up with the dealer he kind of poo-pooed my concern and said that it was about a $500 fix that they weren't going to make on the vehicle (for what it's worth, I'm female and don't know much about cars, but this does seem like it could be an indication of more DIM issues to come).

    This morning, after doing my daily online search, I found a new listing for a used 2004 with 115,000 miles for $10,750 (this price is fixed). I plan on test driving it tomorrow. I'm wondering if even though it has higher mileage if it might be a better value in both the short and long run. I think this car comes with a 30 day warranty. This is a larger Volvo-specific dealer as opposed to a more local shop.

    Any thoughts about which car might be the best value would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default More Info

    The 2004 has had one owner and was originally sold (and presumably serviced) by the same dealer that is selling it. The 2003 and 2005 were both purchased at auction out of state.

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    Wrong forum for 01-07, this is the 98-2000 forum

    (Answered in the appropriate forum)

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