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    Thumbs up Safelite Replacement Windshield [Report]

    Here in Seattle, the weather has been dipping below freezing on a regular basis. I know many of you experience even colder weather here you are.

    My 2005 XC70 had a small chip (the size of a pencil eraser) in the lower part of the passenger side of my windshield. It was so small, in fact, that I'd forgotten about it. Until Friday.

    It was cold enough to have to scrape, so I did while the car warmed up. Once I hit the freeway, the defrost's auto setting kicked in. Then I heard it: the creaking sound your window makes as the chip turns into a crack and spreads.

    All the way across the windshield, right at eye level.

    No question it had to be replaced.

    My insurance lumps glass coverage under my deductible, so I decide to just pay out of pocket to fix it. Hoping to keep my rain-sensing wipers intact, I called the dealer for a quote: $821 out-the-door.

    Safelite? $248 plus tax and a $10 "disposal fee." It sounded fair, they were the shop my insurance would've used, and there was one near my house.

    How were they? Awesome. Treated my wife with courtesy and respect, greeted her by name when she arrived, and did the job at the quoted price and timeframe. Had a next-business-day appointment, and best of all - everything will works: mirror, radio, remote, and rain-sensor.

    Not a Volvo-branded windshield, but likely OEM (near as I can tell). Would recommend Safelite 100% if you find yourself in the same situation this winter.

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    I use Safelite a lot, but the rain sensor probably won't work
    I never use the damn thing so personally I don't care, but if you do, guess what, it probably won't work!

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    I've also used them and had a very positive experience. My rain sensors seem to be working just fine... or just as they did before, which is to say they perform nominally lol.

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