I'm new to the forum, just having recently bought a 2008 XC70. It just hit 90,000 miles, so it just got it's 90k Maintenance per the published schedule. I'm amazed that this car is in such excellent shape, given the high miles. Not a drip of oil or fluid *anywhere* (well, okay, except for the all-too-common windshield washer fluid reservoir leak).

The oil change was somewhat trickier than what I'm used to to. In a past life I worked at Jiffy Lube, so that probably helped, but I realized that having a more visual description of the process would be helpful to others.

It's not all-encompassing, but anyone who's reasonably handy can pull it off. And please supplement these instructions with some common sense. Hope it serves useful! Note that I did not jack the car up at all, I just squeezed under the car as needed. Mobil 1 was my choice of lube.

Given the PDF File upload size limits, I have to upload this in 4 chunks.