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    Default Alarm disabled my car

    1998 v70xc runs great until today...

    Here's the scenario: I ran over my key fob a year ago, and I only have one key left. I have been using the outside door lock for entry. This morning, the key didn't work. I couldn't turn it in either direction. I thought it was the cold, so I had the brilliant idea to enter through the only other place that has a keyed access point: the back hatch of the trunk. This set off the alarm which disabled everything! In the past, I simply turned the key on the outside door and the alarm was disabled, but as stated earlier, the door lock isn't turning.

    I took off the battery post to turn off the alarm and am now looking for answers. I simply need to reset the alarm so that I can crank my car.

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    I recently replaced the battery on my 1999 S70 since it was so dead the interior lights barely came on. When I put the new battery in the car it triggered the alarm. I had to turn it off by unlocking the drivers door. I'm guessing that even disconnecting the battery will not disable the alarm in your case. You will need to fix that lock or somehow turn the mechanism in the drivers door to disable the alarm and unlock the door. Either way you are going to need a new door actuator. Salvage yard or eeuroparts new ($125+).
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    You have 3 choices. Purchase and have programed a remote, repair the lock problem on the drivers door, or eliminate the alarm by removing the "relay" in the underdash fuse panel and replacing it with a shunt.

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    On the 98-2000 S70, v70, and 98-2004 C70 there is no relay to remove and jumper. The alarm, locking, fuel cap door, and interior lighting is a single module.

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    1-on the left front door remove the black little cap that covers 2 "star" bolts that holds outside door handle.
    2- unscrew those two bolts.
    3- Unscrew 3 bolts that hold in place door lock
    4- now you are able to remove door handle/remove it.
    5- look inside the door from outside you will be able to see that on top of the actuator there is a place for the rod that transfer movement from key that you used to open the door.
    6- use flat screw driver of proper size to turn that mechanism into open position.
    7.-WD40 the outside door handle and slowly try to make it moving again.

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