BTW to anyone interested: The DiCE comes up as a standard J2534 device, which other SW besides VIDA will work with. For example I've tested it with ScanXL (, you just need to set the ODBII Cable type to J2534. I haven't actually bought the full version so haven't tried reading DTC codes or plotting anything besides engine RPM, although the publisher assures me that since the SW does detect the car & lists all the parameters I can read, the rest of the functions should work.

You will need to install the DiCE drivers if you don't have VIDA Installed - you can get these separately from and installing the "Firmware Update" package.

There is other SW which should work with J2534 cables (DiCE), I've only tried the one though.

I haven't tried this on other cars yet either as I only have the one, although perhaps will convince some friends to let me experiment...