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    Default Towing a trailer without electric brakes

    I've got a 2003 2.5L XC70 and am considering picking up a tent trailer this winter. The one I'm looking at weighs 1400lbs dry, which is well within the towing range, but it doesn't have any brakes., will the vehicle handle it be able to handle it? Fully loaded will probably be over 2000. Will be towing it over some mountainous terrain as I live in Vancouver and plan to take it to the interior or Okanangan.
    Any input would be great,

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    I know people have pulled 4000+ lb trailers with brakes and this is over the load rating of 3500 lbs for the XC70.

    I also know that my 2004 is rated for 750 kg (1600 lbs) un-braked. Your 2000 lbs is over that rating.

    Does that mean you can't do it? Not really, but you are over what Volvo says you can do it, but perhaps this is an overly cautious limit.

    Would I do it? No, certainly not knowing it was going to be hilly driving. But that is only my humble opinion, I will let others weigh in.


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    All depends on your speed and terrain. 60 mph on flat ground you should be fine as long as you keep safe distance to allow long slow coasting / braking. If you are in steep hills then you are taking a big risk regardless of speed. Stop and go city driving will be OK for brakes but hard on the tranny.

    Remember that tow load ratings must include all possible driving conditions and should be 'worst case.' If you overload you must drive like your Grandpa to keep safe.

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    you can do it, just take it slow uphill/downhill, slow acceleration.
    get a good cheap (not an oxymoron) transmission oil cooler and you could do it without too much trouble.
    (00 v70XC LPT at -- 19X kmiles)
    (01 V70 T5M -- 15X kmiles)
    (03 V70 2.4i at -- 18X kmiles)

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