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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashroland View Post
    Okay, the part number for the wiring harness in the Volvo Rear Seat Entertainment System, aka RSE, is 30695477. This is for the harness that connects directly to the DVD player which is located in the Center Console Armrest. This harness is a common point of failure because it must flex everytime the armerest is lifted to access the console storage area. The good news is that it is not a difficult item to replace.

    I bought my replacement at and paid about $136 for the part.

    The link posted below by Art and reposted here:,_2007

    will take you to a PDF from Volvo that provides the installation intructions for the entire system. Many of the steps described can be ignored if you are just replacing the harness.

    I hope that this information is helpful. I know that there are many Volvo owners that will have to contend with this harness failure issue.


    Hi Crashroland

    I have similar issue... the hinge on the lower lid of the arm rest cracked a couple of months ago. Fed up I've decided to change. Part number 30790274. This bit is easy to take off, isolate, remove the dvd player etc.

    The problem is the wiring coming up from the back of the console that goes thru a hole in the lower lid and leads to the DVD player itself thru connector blocks.

    There is a protective grommet around the wires (obv to stop chaffing of wires as the lid is opened). No way will the connector blocks go through and I don't want to start playing around rewiring the lead but can't figure out how to get the wire through the guide hole in the lower lid. Could slice the grommet off so wires can feed thru but then left with a grommet that is no longer a whole circle

    Any thoughts please? Console in bits in car a mo so a rapid reply or help from anyone would be appreciated!

    Many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktcollins View Post
    I have the 2008 XC90 Sport and although I am not having problems with the DVD player, the plastic bracket is broken and I want to replace it. Any idea of a part number? Do I need a special tool for the six point socket screws? They are hard to reach ...
    Did you ever fix this? I have the same issue on a 2010.

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