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    Default About to upgrade my HU-650/iMIV need some info.

    After only a few months with the stock radio and after market Garmin Nuvi in my 07 XC70, I got the iMIV and loved it. The install was quick and easy and its been great. I was feeling adventurous and got a good deal on a new headunit, so I'm upgrading. I knew from alot of the old threads about certain issues to look out for. And it was my intention (and I may still) to finally post my install compete with pictures of every step to hopefully answer most XC70 Headunit upgrade questions. But before I can do that, I need a little help.

    My current setup:
    HU-650 (Stock speakers)
    iMIV for my iPod
    Garmin Nuvi mounted on the unused center speaker grille

    What I bought so far.

    Pioneer - Avic z130BT
    Scosche - VO4152B - Mounting kit
    Scosche - VOAB - Antenna Adapter
    Scosche - VO03B - Wiring Harness
    AXXESS - ASWC - Steering wheel control interface
    CANM8 - NAVTONE - To restore the parking assist tone

    After an exhaustive search of forums, online, ebay and anyplace else. I have assembled what is listed above. I'm no stranger to taking the dash apart or even installing stereos (Pre CANBUS). But I want to dig in the dash, as few times as possible.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Can anyone link me to the stereo PIN OUT diagram? The Scosche harness only provides the "must have" pins and I need to ID a few more (Namely CAN-HI, CAN-LOW, Illimination, Reverse (and while we are at it, the rest)

    2. Since I have 2 CANBUS devices to install (Steering wheel control and Parking sensor) and presumably only one set of CANBUS wires, is it OK to wire these data wires together assuming that if a device gets a signal it doesnt understand it will ignore it? The Tech at AXXESS support says it works that way. If the steering wheel gets data intended to for the parking assist, it will ignore it and vice versa. Can anyone confirm?

    3. Is there an actual VSS wire? I'm assuming that too is CANBUS data. If so, has anyone found a CANBUS interface for the VSS. I'm sure my GPS will work without it, but it uses VSS data to guesstimate gas mileage and other things in addition to the "Dead reckoning" feature.

    Thanks in advance,
    And I PROMISE to post all the pics (mistakes and all) as I go forward with the install.

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    Weren't there some Pioneer Avic owners on here??

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    Default Phase 1 Complete!

    After some poking around, trial&error and overcoming procrastination. I'm done with what I will call "Phase One" of my Avic install. I've uninstalled my iMIV (and will be selling it shortly), Installed the Avic, regained full steering wheel button control.

    My observations:

    1. I did not find the Dimmer Wire on The harness (any one know where it is?) So the radio is REALLY BRIGHT at night, and I dont seem to see any AVIC setting to change it.

    2. The AVIC GPS works good, but without a VSS wire location (Anyone? anyone?) the Dead reckoning, MPG and some extended GPS features wont work.

    3. The Parking sensor that used to beep thru the HU-650 doesnt beep thru the AVIC. I have an interface box for that (CANM8 NAVTONE) but have not been successful in connecting it.

    4. I thought the SCOSHE Dash kit looked cheap when I unboxed it and I even thought it was the wrong color, but on further inspection, its passable, at least for now.

    Next PHASE

    1. Troubleshoot both the DIMMER and VSS wire locations (or CANBUS equivalents)

    2. Possibly cut the Scoche kit to get my little storage pocket back

    3. Reprogram the steering wheel controller so that the "nextTrack" button will advance the tuner to the next PRESET and not simply increase the radio frequency.

    4. Try again to install the CANM8-Navtone to make the Parking Sensor work

    5. Install a somewhat stock looking Reverse Camera.

    Any help would be appreciated. (Pardon) my finger prints on the final install pic.

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    Does ANYONE know how to find the Dimmer/Illumination wire? and/or the Speed wire?

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    Default OK Heres the Pitch!

    I'm offering my used (for about 2 years, check my posts, installed Feb 09) but perfectly working iMiv unit with all wiring and cables for FREE (you pay shipping)

    If someone can answer all these questions reliably and correctly for me regarding my 2007 XC70.


    - Smart-ass and/or Troll-like answers will disqualify you.
    - If you dont know, simply dont reply (that seems to be what has gone on upto now)
    - The decision of the Judges (Friends that are helping me track down answers, and a small group from the forums *you know who you are*) is FINAL
    - The winning answers will be verified on my install before sending the unit.
    - Read the entire thread, its not that long really. If you have pertinent questions about what is there please ask.



    1. Is there a place that I can tap into a DIMMER WIRE to attach to the PIONEER AVIC unit I have installed? Where is it? I have my suspicions, but would like some confirmation (Maybe from someone who has actually done it?) When I dim the dash with the thumbwheel, I want to dim the Avic too

    2. Is there a place that I can get a speed pulse (VSS) signal? Its less important, but when my AVIC loses satellite signal (Tunnel, etc) it will estimate my location based on last known position, direction and current speed. I read it does not have to be an actual data signal (requiring a CANBUS interface) but it could be a signal that increases in proportion to the Engine RPM (??) I'm totally lost on this

    3. Where can I find the horn wire so that I can put a switch on it? I installed an aftermarket horn and want to have a toggle to select between the two. At present, the stock horn circuit is intact and since it is positively (+) triggered, some where between the steering wheel horn button and the positive (+) side of the horn I should be able to put my switch to complete either the aftermarket or OEM horn circuits. just need to ID the wire (or someone teach me a way to trace it without ripping my steering column apart)

    Thanks in advance

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    ART will know

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    C'mon, Lets Hear It....

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    Some CAN-bus signals can be made available to accessories through the AEM module.
    144 GL (1974)--->244 GL (1982)--->940 GLE 2.3i (1992)--->XC70 2.5T (2004)--->XC90 T5 (2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willy View Post
    Some CAN-bus signals can be made available to accessories through the AEM module.
    Yes! is there a doc someplace that points out which ones?

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    Yes, at least for the AEM until MY2004. A Vida user may provide info for more recent cars.
    144 GL (1974)--->244 GL (1982)--->940 GLE 2.3i (1992)--->XC70 2.5T (2004)--->XC90 T5 (2018)

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