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    Default Headlamp bulb replacement videos

    I was able to replace the passenger side low beam on my 06XC70 without removing the ECU cover.... was a PITA. Next time I absolutely would remove the ECU cover. I attempted to follow VVFL's instructions in this thread for replacing the driver's low beam bulb, but gave up in frustration. I tried 10mm, 9mm sockets trying to get the airbox off, searched high and low for a good video and came up empty.... until I found these two videos

    The videos show clear headlamp bulb replacement procedures on an 08 s60, identical underhood to my 06xc70. I followed the instructions in the Driver's Side video exactly and had the airbox off in 5 minutes. The only difficulty I had on the driver's side was removing the bulb, twisted left but the large tab did NOT want to come out. Fiddled with it for probably an hour until I finally got it out. I did not have any difficulty when I removed the passenger low beam bulb. Putting everything back together took another five minutes.

    Driver's side and Passenger side

    Hopefully these videos are as helpful for you as they were for me.

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    For anyone doing this yourself, be sure that the little red rubber grommet comes out with the old bulb. Otherwise you will have a real hard time getting the new bulb in. Ask me how I know. Lol.
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    Took me 45 mins first time. What a PIA. After that I've started to use needle nose pliers to help with the spring that seats the bulb. Having double jointed small hands helps as well......
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    There's a short youtube vid that helped me with my passenger side lowbeam bulb replacement. I can try to dig it up if people can't find it.

    Two important things for me:
    1. My 2007 owner's manual was WRONG. I think it included instructions for changing the pre-facelift bulbs.
    2. Stand/kneel down in front of the car and look through the lens when removing/replacing the bulb. You'll see the 3 metal tabs on the bulb holder that need to line up with the slots before twisting the bulb to lock/unlock it into place.

    Before finding the video, I was preparing to take off the front bumper. This was unnecessary and the bulb replacement took about 5 minutes once I could see what I was doing.
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    I found it easy enough to just pull the whole headlamp out and replace the lamps (don't bother polishing the plastic - it's never good enough). It gives you good access to wipe down and clean a bunch of **** behind the bumper too.

    When I got the new headlamps for mine, I was glad to have all new bulbs in there and I put the LED city light and marker light in there (Zevo - not some no-name crap, as I'd likely have the same problem replacing them in the future).

    Here's how the little latch locks the bulb down;

    Here's why there's no point in polishing plastic lenses. Note how the left side in the picture is just a blob of light, whereas the right side is clearer and light doesn't diffuse through the lens (and yeah, so I clean/wash/wipe down the bumper and all parts behind the plastic too ).

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