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Thread: OBD Code 2188

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    FIX = YOU HAVE A HOLE IN TURBO OUTLET HOSE or intercooler hose inlet or outlet.
    turbo spooled up causes pressurised air to leak to atmosphere , instead of going into engine.
    this causes low power and carboned up spark plugs.
    MAF sees high airflow , causing ECU to widen injector pulsewidth = RICH MIXTURE.
    worn turbo seals let oil into intercooler hoses and rots the rubber.

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    My mother's 2003 XC70 set a P2188 code last night.

    From a cold start, it started bucking/surging when I came to a stop about a mile down the road. At the next stop, the engine died. It would restart, but only run briefly. I was driving her to a dinner party, so I called and got a friend to pick us up and left the car parked. I came back a couple of hours later, and the car started and ran normally back to her house.

    Does that narrow the range of possibilities? Usually when I see an intermittent problem like this, it's something electronic.

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