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    Default XC70 3rd Row Seat

    I have a 2005 XC70 and am considering getting the 3rd row seat in the truck area. Does anyone have any input on the seat good or bad?

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    I have the third row seat - came with the car...

    The kids used to love it...but they've outgrown it. It's limited to about 85 lbs and about 5 feet tall...
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    It's great for shorter trips, but when we went to FL last summer it was hot back there for my son - even with tinted windows.

    There's not a lot of heating/cooling that goes on back there.

    My son found it a little better if I turned the recirculation button off so that the cold air would get drawn somewhat back there but then you're constantly working to cool the car interior off.

    In hindsight, I'm thinking of getting a little fan to plug in back there.

    In terms of overall practicality - sure - we love it.
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