Tan steel barrier which, using gas struts, folds up flush along the roof. Also including the black vertical divider which attaches to it, so you can have room for your pup, and keep the luggage from falling on him. I loved this accessory.

It will fit 01-05 XC70s. Possibly other years but I can't say for certain.

With the third row it didn't see a ton of use as you have to remove the seatbelts. If you don't have the third row seats this is a great accessory. You can use both (at different times), but taking down the rear cargo area seat belts takes about ten minutes. The divider works great and is in decent condition. It is scratched up some from where the steel divider attaches.

this is somewhere in the $250-300 range new for the barrier and $75 for the vertical cargo area divider.
Both are yours for $125 including ground shipping in the continental US.
Payment via paypal.
I will ship within 24 hours of payment.

Need to get some repairs done on my Saab.