okay so i have T6 04. i was filling my washer fluid when my engine was cold and notice my collant resivor was low. i figured its cause the motors cold. i go to turn it on i get a collant level low warning that didnt dissappear cause on my car from time to time that comes on momentairly when first turning on then dissappears so i pop the hood agian and look at my resiovour i top it off. i dont know but now i am afraid i have too much collant in my system. i do know that there is an overflow tube somewhere on the car except im not familar as to where with this particular model so my first question is where is the overflow tube? my second question i had a transmission issue that most T6 owners faced where my collant was making its way into the transmission one way or another. i am afraid my transmission is beg,ining to go agian i am not sure what transmission it was replaced with my volvo dealer said it was a totally different one and i am a bit skeptical i dont have my paperwork in front of me at this time. what have some of you experianced with the transmission replace? was it the same thing or was it different? if in fact this dang transmission is the same thing Volvo's going to be experiancing one hell of a wrath from me. this car costed me upwards of $50,000 and its been in the shop more than my old ford has. i do my own oil changes and etc but i go to them for the big stuff. so as i was saying if in fact it is the same transmission could i swap it for something that how do i put this doesnt suck? is there like a totally different transmission? I use to have a S80 T6 and never had a transmission problem why dont they just put the same transmission they have in the T6 80's? its the same platform heck the engine on the 80 is exact to the 90's so anyone that can answer my questions? i would apperciate it greatly.