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    Question Turbo Air Cooler Oil Leak?? XC90 T5 2004

    I recently purchase a 2004 XC90 with over 200k miles. When attempting to change the oil (a long story) I noticed that the rubber hose connecting the hard plastic air intake(?) that crosses over the top middle of the engine to the cooler in front of the radiator was oil soaked, possibly rotten and somewhat distorted. There doesn't appear to be any oil leaks from above that would drip onto the hose. Could the oil be coming from the inside of the hose? Thanks

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    I dont have the car in front of me to look, but most turbo systems have the PVC
    gasses ulled in beofre the turbo. So if one of the boost lines has a leak you will
    probably see some oil at that point.
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