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    With those miles and if it's never been replaced, it's due anyway

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    Similar problem but not entirely the same.

    2001 V70XC 2.3T; 240,000km;
    driveshaft/propshaft (L&R) replaced @130,000km & @240,000km
    transmission rebuilt @ 185,000km;
    New engine mounts (all 5) @240,000km

    I was experiencing vibrations (intensity varies) when accelerating. Doesn't really matter what gear is engaged. Car would vibrate from a standstill, at 3rd going round a corner, etc. Typical bad driveshaft/propshaft symtoms. At the workshop, indy mechanic discovered cracked engine mounts - hence they're all replaced together with the driveshafts/propshafts.

    However, it only reduced the intensity of the vibrations slightly. Also, I noticed smaller vibrations when the coming to a stop. Similar small vibrations when I release brakes without accelerating. Occasionally, the car wouldn't move/creep forward when I release brakes from a stop - it's as if Neutral is engaged. Slight dap on the accelerator would bring a slight vibration and then the car moves forward. While coasting (maybe around 40-50km/h) I would notice the revs would drop to 700-800rpm - as if neutral is engaged.

    That's all the symptoms I could remember. Hope you guys could help figure out what's wrong. Cheers!

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