Hey guys,

So this is kind of the post I have been dreading since I owned the car. Yes I have searched, and yes I have viewed posts about this, but I would like to start my own thread about this and get some advice/guidance from you guys.

So today I have found that my AWD is INOP, I get a crap load of wheel spin and torque steer leaving lights in the rain today. I have kind of noticed this getting gradually worse and worse over the past week or so, but now I am 100% sure it is shot. I have always had my bevel gear leak, and recently it has gotten much worse, but I am 100% sure their is fluid in the bevel gear. Last time I was under the car I noticed a lot of red rust around around the connecting point of the angle gear to the trans. Is this a sign of my collar sleeve wearing down?

I am currently at school, and will not be at home until thanksgiving break to look at/work on the car. Is it safe to drive on as is. I figure since I know (or assume) the damage isn't internal in bevel gear that I am safe to drive it two wheel drive.

Now here comes my major concern. Once I get the bevel gear off of my XC, how do I get the damn collar sleeve off? I hear all of these horror stories about the collar sleeve not coming off and a new transmission being required. I have 62,000 miles on my XC and their is no way I am dropping 4 grand for a transmission on this baby. If I tear the whole thing apart and find out my collar gear is shot is there anyway to protect the now open connection to the tranny and leave the bevel gear and rear drive shaft off? What kind of effect will this have on the rear diff?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am not too versed in all this AWD nonsense lol

Any help you guys can give me or good links that may help me further understand would be MUCH appreciated!