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    Default Vechile dies then catches and restarts

    About 6 times in the last 30 days my car has died and restarted. This has happened under three circumstances.

    - I start the car, put it in reverse and it immediately dies and all the engine lights come on. I turn the key off, restart it, but have to reenter the CODE for the radio. (has happen twice)
    - I start the car, drive a very short distance, car dies, all the engine lights come on, but then it catches after about 1 second and drives fine. (has happen 3 time or 4 times)
    - Driving at freeway speed, car dies, all the engine lights come on, but then it catches after about 1 second and drives fines. (has happen only once)

    After the car restarts there are no warning lights on and everything works normally. It is a 2000 XC-SE with 160,000 miles.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Engine dying?

    The problems you mention sound like the ones I have/had with my 93 850. It would stall at lower speeds but only occasionally. Then it started while on the freeway. Sometimes it would stall, and catch and carry on.

    Spoke to Volvo and they said it sounds like a fuel pump going. They recommend replacing the pump AND relay.

    I cheap'd out and bought a used relay, added a can of Seafoam and took the car for some good drives. Re-filled with another can of Seafoam and it has not died again in a while. I do believe it is only a temporary fix, but it has been good now for around 3 months. Worth a try! Good luck!

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    I disagree...
    This sounds a whole lot more like an electrical power problem.
    Bad battery, cables, combo of the two. The radio is the clue.
    Something electric between the battery and the rest of the car.

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    Default Check the coil pack..

    Coil pack, electrical wires to and from coil pack... after 11 years these can be the culprit.
    Also check your spark plug lines..

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