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    Exclamation PPC Diagnostic Tool

    Does anyone have an original PPC Diagnostic tool they would like to sell? The original tool from BSR was around $200, the current version (PPC3) is over $700. I have an airbag warning I'd like to do away with. Had some upholstery work done on the driver's seat. They took the seat out without unhooking the battery. Nearest dealer is 1 1/2 hours away and wants $120 to clear it. Your help would be appreciated!

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    try calling an indie volvo shop.
    They should be able to clear the light for you much cheaper, if they have the VIDA software setup.
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    I have the original and would not part with it...However, when I had some issues I communicated with BSR direct and got them resolved...I had a defective unit and it was replaced...

    I wonder who quoted you that price of $700?...I asked the factory (BSR) about the new one and they quoted $392...????


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    Wow BSR went from $200 to $700 for their units? Thats a bit much.
    These guys at Fuzzy Luke may have something promising... they are however "supposedly" able to clear all codes and talk to "all" systems, such as airbag, SRS, ABS. They just don't actually state it on their web site, they sort of allude to it. In fact, they don't state a whole lot on their site. Their CS seems a bit lame.
    I also found this:

    If I find more suitable scanners I'll post em here.
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