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    Default P0442 - J-Hose replacement

    I am on a fact finding mission to get rid of error code P0442. According to IPD 90% of all cases have the J-hose as the main culprit.

    Well, the J-hose attached to the carbon cannister is nearly inaccessible above the rear suspension frame.

    With the left wheel removed you can see the end of the carbon cannister and the J-hose on the right side of it. I can even feel around the hose and notice that there are little tears where the rubber has expanded around the boss.

    To get further access, I dropped the exhaust and heat shieldt (above the last muffler).

    The first picture shows the general area.
    The second picture shows the carbon cannister with the J-hose and my little mirror to look at the bottom of the hose.

    There are two or three tears there.

    Replacing the J-hose is a different story and I am looking for some school of hard knocks advice?

    Do I really need to remove the exhaust?
    Do I really need to remove the cannister and the pump that sits to the right of it?
    Any experiences with patching it up?

    Looking forward to hear how you have tackled this job.

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    That code can be a real PIA. I changed out my gas cap, all of my vacuum hoses, and airbox to turbo hose before finally settling on changing the MAFS. I would at the very least change all vacuum lines, wait and see, and/or test your MAFS. My parts guy also pointed to the J hose as being a possibility, but that wasn't it at all... in the end, it was the MAFS.

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    Default Me, Too

    I'm in on this one.

    I've had the CEL on for 2 years now with the same code. I even bought the hose for $12 and it's been in the car with me ever since.

    I didn't realize how much work went into swapping it so I've moved on to other things (check my post on the camshaft seal .. I've also got a weeping radiator, and a rattling sunroof, and I think I even have a CD in the radio that won't eject! )

    Anyhoo, my hose actually appears white from age or leak or fuel damage.. or whatever.

    Now, I want to sell the car.. and nobody is gonna buy a car with the check engine light going (and you'll never register it in California!)..

    I understand one must drop the fuel tank as well??
    If you do it, please post some pics! I will do it as well..
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    2001 XC 143,000mi / 1996 BMW R1100RT

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    Default I sealed the J-hose

    I don't know the access about the XC70 for the J-hose, but on my S70 I had the same problem with that code. So I found the J-hose with some cracks and I decided to seal it. No more code from 1 year and half and I simply use some kind of motor parts caulking.

    I hope it could help

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