To whom it may concern,

Effective May 1st 2010, Darrell Waltrip Volvo will no longer be offering discounts to the online Volvo community, nor will be handling any out of state shipments. We have regrettably made this decision for a few reason I will openly state below,

1.We initially began offering the discounts as a limited time offer.

2.We are a relatively small dealership with only 3 incoming Volvo phone lines, and most of our requests to email us because of our limited number of phone lines have been ignored. This has caused long hold times and a lot of call backs.

3.We no longer feel that we can give and support the type of service that most Volvo customers deserve because of such high demands placed on us.

we will handle all inquires placed before May 1st, and will terminate any other inquires after that date. If you wish, we would gladly refer you to another business based on your parts needs whether it be OEM, aftermarket, or performance related. Thank you for all the business and support we have received over the past few years.


Jamie Putman

(Parts Manager)


Don Snyder