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    Default Her 170,000k Anniversary was coming up, so i got her a present!

    her 170k anniversary was coming up so i wanted to do something special for her.

    Had these little guys in the garage, but she definatly needed more than that.

    figured these would fit the bill nicely

    Since i had the little guys already, i might as well use them here!! lol

    here's a short video of them in action

    rear "work lights" get turned on with the rear fog switch. front outer lights get turned on with oem fog light switch, center lights get triggered when the hi-beams get turned on. 8 lights on at the same time when needed. all wiring upgraded too. LOL, lighting overkill!.

    Ford 00-07 Superduty F250/350 Light bar
    Hella 500FF fogs, for outer fog lights with Piaa Yellow H3 bulbs installed
    Hella 500 driving lights, for the inner set, regualr hella white bulbs
    Hella Optilux 1300 series yellow lense driving lights with upgraded PIAA Yellow H3 bulbs
    1998 Olive Green V70 T5 Manual - 155k Awesome car
    2003 Nautic Blue XC90 T6 3rd tranny - 162k Modded
    2001 Nautic Blue C70 T5 Manual - 92k Not stock at all
    Past Volvo's 94 855T+Manual,95 850GLT,97 850R BTCC Replica,98 850NA,99 XC70

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    Awesome! Be careful not to hit the rear fog light switch while you are flying along a crowded interstate! Would likely scare the @#$% out of anyone close behind you! With the lights that high they would think an 18 wheeler was heading right at them!

    My 98 XC70 also just tripped over 170K...good luck with yours!

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