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    Quote Originally Posted by frank_a View Post
    Any how-to on this one? I'd like to look at it tomorrow while I replace the leaky turbo seal.
    Indeed, I found lots of discussions on PCV causing seal leaks and manifold coming off to change them.

    I found this following link that provide detailed descriptions on what flows where, how to check for clog, and how to replace without taking off the manifold. I haven't tried it myself tho. Having taking out the ETM, I know its pretty tight down there.
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    Default 90k -- done!

    Did the 90k, which was a piece of cake compared with the other things that cropped up.

    Brake pads - and rotors. Ouch.
    The clunk was diagnosed as combo of the bushings and tie-rods. I replaced the bushings and that did the trick. I'll leave the tie-rods (and the required alignment, etc) for the next service as they were OK for now. The car is much tighter now -- and no clunk!!

    Thanks for your help on this.

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