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    Hi everyone,

    I've had a few personal complaints about items for sale. In an attempt to help everyone see the items for sale in a similiar manner, and so that everyone is working with the same expecations and guidelines, I've found some suggestions from another auto forum that went a long way to help their classified section.

    If you're posting an add - THE RULES:
    1. Start For Sale threads with "FS:" and Want to Buy threads with "WTB:"
    2. Do not post if your post has nothing to do with the item or if you have no intention of buying the item at the time of your post
    3. Do not take over another users thread. If you are selling something, start your own thread
    4. Ensure ALL items for sale have an asking price.
    5. Auction type sales or promoting your auction are not permitted - that's what eBay is for.
    6. Post only one thread for your item
    7. If you see a price that's too high, please don't comment to it in the thread.
    8. Please use the templates below for selling cars and used auto parts.
    9. Attaching pictures go a long way to help sell your item.
    Vehicle Details
    Year :
    Make and Model :
    Exterior Color :
    Interior Color :
    Auto or Manual? :
    Odometer Reading : (please state km or miles)
    Location of Vehicle :
    Description : State all dealer installed options
    Extras : State all non-dealer installed/options that you are including in the sale
    Asking Price : please indicate currancy as well (i.e. CAD/USD/EUR)
    Contact Information:
    Item Details
    Item Name:
    Fits a../Purpose:
    Item Location:
    Asking Price: (please indicate currancy as well (i.e. CAD/USD/EUR)
    Contact Information:

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