I proved that our new '09 XC70 can not hold a full size spare tire/wheel (even the 215/65-16 base size), unlike the 'P2 body. I have the spare wheel that I fitted to our just departed '07, and tried to test fit it with no luck, even if you give up the nice organizer tray under the deck. The supplied spare looks to be close to 2 inches less overall diameter than the road wheels, just like the original P1 spares that caused so much trouble with the pre-Haldex AWD's. The diameter of the hole is too narrow, not just the lack of height in the space under the floor. Maybe its time to check into the inflatable spares that came on some up-market cars in recent past. Other than this glitch though, we still really like the new '09 - will take it for its first out of town run into the Maine mountains over the long weekend and see what other observations surface.