There is a genuine need for a 2008+ XC70 FAQ thread , from what tires to get, questions about vehicle functions, transmissions, what to change, ETM, and alike. We'll strive to have the best answers possible based on the information we know at the time. Try not to take this FAQ as the end-all-be-all but a work in progress. Some of our answers will not be perfect, but if you come across anything that can help us build a better FAQ, please post it in here!

This FAQ is for all questions relating to the 2008+ Volvo XC70 only. Post the question AND the answer. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD WITHOUT THE ANSWER. I will move it out into the general forum. I will also have non FAQ discussions/SPAM moved/deleted - so please stick to the topic - post the question and the answer OR the forum posting that answers it.

To add a FAQ entry: Post the question in the subject line and answer it below with references and forum links if possible.