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    Quote Originally Posted by 01VolvoXC70 View Post
    Is it possible to clear the code by unhooking the battery or by using the obdII reader?
    Unfortunately no - you'll need a GOOD OBDII that is CAN bus compatible and can clear Volvo codes. The one I have from IPDUSA allows me to clear all codes, including airbag.

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    my '03 XC90-T6 just got back from Volvo Svc.
    I stated my 'ANTI-SKID Warning Light" Keeps coming on occasionally.
    They did a software upgrade and said to come back if after 1 week light continues to come on. So I did take it back and they claimed 2 codes were coming up in DEM Module for faults. They said the DEM needs replacement with an estimated charge of $1890. I said no way, do not touch it. They charged me another $109.75 for diagnosing this issue (again) - what a racket.
    Anyway, they did not give me the codes that were coming up. Does anyone have a cheaper alternative to fix this perhaps on my own?

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    Just got the same estamate for my 07XC for also intermitant fault, code was 0109, trying to decide if I get rid of this car

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