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    Default Air in cooling system?

    2003 XC70- I had a leaking intercooler hose (about 12 long, 2 diameter) so I drained off the radiator and replaced the hose. More of a pain than I expected!

    Seems like more coolant came out than I was able to refill, so I suspect maybe Ive got some air in the cooling lines. There is a 1 (or so) hose that arcs up kinda high, looks like a perfect place to collect air in the system (and a perfect place for a little bleeder valve!) Is there a procedure for burping the air out of the system or does it do that burping automatically? Ive tried squeezing that hose while engine is running (Res tank lid on). Maybe I just drive it to work with a bottle of 50/50 ready in the car and top it up at lunchtime?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Multiple cycles of heat/cool work. I fill it up, then loosen that tiny hose from the radiator to the reservoir just a bit (this is just a little messy, you'll spill some...) so that the coolant gets up to that level. Top of the radiator.

    The system still has air in it, particularly in the upper radiator hose but when it's hot, I'll squeeze that upper radiator hose and try and work the air out.

    The best is to vacuum it and draw all the air out (this is the only method to fill the intercoolers on my MB S600). You'll need a kit like this:
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