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    Dec 2003
    Toronto, Ontario. Canada

    Thumbs up Why did you join

    With so many new members recently (about 200 since January) I was wondering how you were attracted to the site. Your answer would be very interesting to members and guests and not just XC70 owners but also XC90 owners.

    Be honest will your answer because you never know who is reading the board, and you might convince someone to try something new, like buying/selling a car over the net, instead of going to your local Volvo dealer.

    For example, if you already own a XC would you consider buying your next XC online if you got it cheaper or is there another way you would expect Volvo to help you in future purchases?
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    Feb 2004
    Connecticut. U.S.A.

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    I bought the car first and then found when trying to understand a problem I had in the first week of ownership.  I did do a lot of research on the car via the Web before buying and believe that I do feel more comfortable buying via the Web. However, I'd be more comfortable buying a new car that way via a used one.   I want someone who'll be there if something goes wrong on a used car.
    This site and others like it have really given me a great undertanding of my car.   Servicing, problem fixes and upgrades.  It's just amazing how much help is here. For example I would have never thought of getting all the info on past servicing history and Warrenty info without seeing that on a thread here at the site.  Now I have a great deal of data on the car.  Actually it's made me feel much more comfortable with the car I bought.
    1999 V70 XC Dark Blue/Taupe - Gas/Auto Trans. with Nokian WRG2s 205/65/15
    2002 Acura TL White/Tan

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    Feb 2004
    Lisle, IL

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    I joined before I got my XC to do some consumer level research on the car.

    I was a bit torn as to if I should get an XC or just a V70, and it was partially because of all the knowledge on these boards that I chose to get the XC.

    Plus, I am a bit of a freak when it comes to reading up on big purchases, and this site has given me many an hour reading up on the fine vehicle that my wife and I purchased.

    I also like all the different postings about enhancements (mud flaps, skid plates, xenon lights, etc.) and maintenance that are on here.

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    Beige/Light Sand Leather
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    Nov 2003
    West Sussex, UK

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    I joined after I got my XC
    I bought my first XC without researching this site; else I might have been put off completely....

    I joined before I got my XC
    I joined after reading the woes of VC models and used the info: to negotiate some (not a lot) of assistance from VCUK to change it for a "proper" car.

    I found the site thru a search engine
    Good old Google pointed me across the Pond to you guys.

    I have listed another reason below
    I joined also because of all the useful, interesting, friendly and sometimes humourous information here, and I felt it was time to make a contribution if only in words for the time being. When I have sorted out my differences with PayPal, I intend to add value to that as well.

    The site has helped me to:-
    Fit two rear spoilers.
    Fit a towbar.
    About to fit front mud flaps (VCUK don't list them as an accessory, so I didn't know they existed).
    Consider a proper sump guard. (Again not known here)
    Ditto for the dirt deflectors.

    When I joined there was little input from the UK - so I started to "wave the flag" - as it were (Brits don't do that), now we seem to have taken over somewhat.

    Ther you have it.

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    Mine: XC 70 Sport 2009 D5 Inscription Electric Blue.
    VNS, DSTC and 4C, BLIS, LDW ventilated leather ACC; Yummy.

    All gone now - XC70 MY 13 SE LUX Flamenco red - goes better than the '09 even with its "Polestar plus" upgrade. I justy miss the PCC...

    Hers: V60 Flamenco Red 215HP D5 (like above XC70 spec)

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    Feb 2003
    Maryland, USA

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    I probably did it all &quot;bass ackwards&quot; I ordered the XC70 without knowing much about Volvo and THEN I went online and started learning about the XC. I plugged in XC70 on Google and, voila&#33; - found this site. This is the only &quot;car site&quot; that I &quot;interact&quot; with (I peruse and, but I don&#39;t &quot;interact&quot; there, primarily because I don&#39;t see much XC70 stuff going on over there). Great site with great members.... thanks for letting me join in on the ride....
    Cheers, Gary

    2022 XC60 B5/Black
    2021 XC60 T5/ Osmium Gray (Wife's)
    2017 XC60 T6/ Bright Silver (Loaned to my Son)
    2015.5 XC70/Silver (Loaned to my Daughter)

    2007 XC70/Rubyred (RIP)
    2003 XC70/Platinum Green (RIP)
    2001 V70/White (RIP)

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    Silver Spring, MD

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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (gary @ Mar. 24 2004,09:13)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I probably did it all &quot;bass ackwards&quot; I ordered the XC70 without knowing much about Volvo and THEN I went online and started learning about the XC. I plugged in XC70 on Google and, voila&#33; - found this site. This is the only &quot;car site&quot; that I &quot;interact&quot; with (I peruse and, but I don&#39;t &quot;interact&quot; there, primarily because I don&#39;t see much XC70 stuff going on over there). Great site with great members.... thanks for letting me join in on the ride.... [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Sounds like me. &nbsp;
    I only knew they were safe, seemingly lasted forever, that it was awd w/ better ground clearance. &nbsp;It was the only wagon that fitted what we needed. &nbsp;We ordered based on a test drive of a 01 T5 since the xc&#39;s weren&#39;t out yet.

    After delivery and about 10,000 problems with the car and some websearching I found this wonderful site. &nbsp;It has been instrumental in solving many problems with our vehicle.

    I also check out Swedespeed occassionally, mostly to read up the R. &nbsp;The XC seems to get little traffic over there. &nbsp;I&#39;ve also found this site has much more respectful users. &nbsp;I&#39;ve only seen one thread here in a two years in which some unpleasantries were exchanged, compared to the frequent battles or namecalling over at Swedespeed.

    2005 XC70 Barents Blue & Taupe leather, deliv. 12/04, built 11/04
    Prem / Conv / Climate / DSTC / NAV / 650 / Sirius / 60/40 / 3rd Row / Boosters / Thule / Weathertech mats / Mud Flaps / 46% Tint / Nokian WR SUVs

    serviced by Red Bank Volvo, NJ & Volvo Westport, CT
    2001 V70XC~someone else's problem vehicle now
    VolvoClub ofAmerica

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    Jan 2004
    East-Central Florida

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    I guess I&#39;m in the same group as Gary and LWW - joining before actually taking delivery of my XC.

    I had noticed the XC V70&#39;s several years ago and saw one at a car lot on the way to work every day. I passed it up for several months, all the while growing more intrigued with its appearance. When I finally decided to stop and have a closer look - IT WAS GONE&#33;&#33; &nbsp;Then - I would see them on the road, either at a traffic light or whatever. I KNEW I had to look into these really cool cars. When it came time for the warranty on my T-Bird to run out (May &#39;04), coupled with the strange behavior coming from the transmission, I knew I had to do something soon. I was also tiring of a two-door car and Sarah felt it was very uncomfortable (T-Birds are for &quot;drivers&quot. I did a web search for a XC in my part of the country and - lo and behold - found one in town. I found the Volvo web site and then this site. &nbsp;So here I am.

    I too have found the information here very useful and enlightening and the comaraderie unmatched.

    (Somewhere on the Space Coast)

    2000 V70 SE Cross Country
    1987 Chevy K5 Blazer 4x4 (in Blazer Heaven)

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool -
    than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

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    Mar 2003
    Solihull, England

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    I joined after I bought my XC and remain an enthusiast of this site, and the XC, long since becoming XC&#39;less - genuine testament to what a great site this is. I am a regular browser of the Volvo Owners Club UK site and Swedespeed, though, like others here who visit other sites, contributing very little if anything. Without doubt, the users of this site offer a great balance regarding the pros and cons of XC ownership and that makes for a quality, informative site - quite a rarity, I think, in internet land. And what a fine mix of contributors/owners/aspiring-owners/enthusiasts we are. &nbsp;I enjoy this little club immensely and, like my fellow countryman, TrueBlue, will be contributing fiscally shortly.
    '02 S80

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    Mar 2004
    Hope, Maine, USA

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    Just joined, and site has already helped with some questions re throttle/accelerator issues.

    Bought this vehicle in Aug. &#39;02 after putting 6,800 miles on an &#39;01 XC from Hertz. I drove the Hertz car from ME to FL with a full load, in rain, snow, sand and lots of miles on I-95. Love the cargo net which now helps to keep our 3 German Shepherds safe in back. Never drove a better vehicle, however, my better half wishes we still had the old 240 wagon....guess it&#39;s a chromosome thing.

    Nice forum...I&#39;ll be back&#33;
    &#39;02 XC 70, 20k. mi.
    &#39;90 740 Turbo, 140k. mi.
    &#39;63 Land Rover 99&quot; diesel pickup
    &#39;03 Kawasaki KLR 650

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    Oct 2003

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    Was unsure of what my new vehicle should be. Looked at the VW Touareg, Nissan &nbsp;Murano, Infiniti FX45, FX35, G35.
    Started looking at the Volvo line and was torn between the XC70 and XC90. After riding in each, I liked the XC70 more and it was about &#036;10K less too. (The XC90 seems to be in very high demand and the XC70 can be had for a &nbsp;decent discount). This forum (along with others) helped understand the issues with each. &nbsp;The safety and comfort of the XC70 along with the available cargo area and rough weather performance made it the vehicle for me.

    I also considered the overseas delivery and had absolutely no clue about it. Reading about it here and on SwedeSpeed made it sound pretty tempting. However the reality of a new baby in the house made it unpractical for this year. (But not forgotten).
    2004 XC70 - Metallic Crystal Green/Touring/Versatility/Nav

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