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    bump, anyone??

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    Hi Folks, I've got a 2007 XC70 with new Pirelli Scorpion Verde 215/60 17 96V M&S. These are the replacement OEM Pirelli tires for my car. Volvo's site shows chains for my model year for all tire sizes EXCEPT mine. I contacted and received a lengthy response from Keith Jull. He was forthright and said that they have chains for individual tire sizes; they are not made for certain vehicles. He even grabbed the Volvo specs from online indicating exactly what my owners manual shows.

    I will go to the site to see what the manufacturer can offer regarding "if chains will fit" on my tires with appropriate clearance. I certainly am open to any more feedback! Gaetano

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    With dedicated snow tires such as Nokian WR G2's unless you are out in 18" of snow in a blizzard, you shouldn't have any problems that chains are going to help a lot. If you are in an area where chains are mandated, then there is nothing you can do.
    I used to put chains on my 4x4's for heavy snow but the hassle of installation and then the short time of use was just not worth it.
    I have never put chains on any of the three XC70's I own. The only time I have ever not gone out in one of them in snow was two years ago in a blizzard that put down 30" of snow. No one went out in that blizzard. When I snowshoed out to the County road to check the conditions after the blizzard, I didn't see a single track on the road, just rolling contours of pristine snow. Uusally you can see where a 4x4 or the Township plow last went through, not this time.
    We get lake effect snow here and when the snow machine really turns on, it's rates of 2-3"/hr and blinding. Last one, my wife had to get off at a supermarket about 4 miles away because of visibility. With 10" on the ground and more coming down, my son and I got in the 2003 Xc with WR G2's and went and got my wife in the 1999 with WR G2's. My son drove the 1999 back and neither of us had traction problems.-Dick.
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