Hello All,

I recently acquired a Volvo 850s Turbo Wagon and would like to keep it in good running condition. With that said, I am concerned with the 'check engine' and 'service' lights that keep popping up. I stopped at AutoZone and ran an OBDII diagnostic that produced the following..

P0440: EVAP problem
P0113: O2 sensor, bank one, sensor one
P0172: Fuel trim bank one condition

All my knowledge on these faults has been aquired today from reading various threads and I would greatly appreciate any help I could get concerning a course of action.

I was also concerned with the cars maintenance history, as I am not the original owner, and was curious as to what was standard protocal for transmission maintenance. The car has 156k miles and, according to the service log I found in the glove box, its last service inspection was at 130k miles.

Thanks for any and all advice.