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    Default Serpentine Belt and Tensioner

    Just got curious and took a peek under the bonnet. Found that the tensioner has a small bit of lateral play-does not seem right. Would like to unload the belt and check it out. Alas the tensioner has a cover over the bolt and I do not see a simple method of getting it off short of destruction--would rather not get that extreme--

    Has any one experience in removing this cover with common tool? May be there is an access trick that I am missing-

    Did the search and found one posting on replacing the tensioner but did not mention the offending cover?

    All help appreciated.

    MIGHT BE HELPFUL: 2004/Automatic/L5 2.5L 2500cc GAS FI B5254T2 Then again--other that tranny every thing should be pretty common.

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    might be a little late responding but I just removed the tensioner cover this weekend doing the timing belt, just take a flat blade screwdriver and go to the edge of the cover and pry it off, it just kinda snaps in there like a hubcab does on a wheel.. wasn't hard to remove. It was actually harder putting back on..
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