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    Default brake job blunder at dealership


    I just bought a used 2001 xc70 with lots of miles but it's a volvo right?

    Anyway the rear brakes start making a squeal so I took it to the dealership thinking something was jarred loose.

    Here's what they estimated

    1) read e-brake shoes are deteriorating and the springs are binding causing damage to the interior parts of the rear rotors .. would need to replace rear rotors, rear brake pads and e-brake shoes to properly fix - $716.00

    2) pulsation coming from front brakes - minor warpage and rust build up - replace at $555.00

    3) recommend brake fluid flush - $165.00

    4) Upper engine mount starting to separate - $175.00

    5) Rear exhaust hanger bracket - $165.00

    I authorized the rear brake work. Then I get a call that they broke 2 breaker bars and a wrench trying to get the wheels off. The last brake work done - the lugs were over torqued. They will need to destroy the rims to do the work at an additional cost of $700.00.

    Does this sound reasonable? My carpool partner says what sounds fishy to him is that they did all the above diagnosis without taking the tires off.


    Thanks - a little sick with my hopeful purchase. BTW - contacting another volvo owner in my area in the morning to get his mechanics name. Should I eat the diagnostic fee and bring it somewhere else?

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    Run away!!!!

    All this stuff is basic mechanic stuff that any decent mechanic should be able to deal with. Unless someone misunderstood something, those "stubborn" wheels would have needed to come off to verify what was diagnosed on the e-brakes. Their explanation sounds like pure BS or ineptitude. Take it somewhere else.

    Better yet do it yourself and save a tonne.

    Good Luck,

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    I'd have to agree with you Bill on this one. Sounds like you had a bunch of dough heads creeping around your car trying to up sell you on stuff that you didn't go there to have addressed. As far as overtorquing on an aluminum rim???'d be more likely to twist the heads off the bolts first. An aluminum rim is very resistant to torque and doesn't give like a steel rim will. I don't know about the breaker bar this day and age we like to use an impact gun for taking wheels off!!! And as far as destroying the rims.....huh???? Go somewhere honest.....these people sound totally useless and incompetent. If they weren't able to get the wheels off for an accurate diagnosis then they are just trying to cover their asses by quoting on everything that you could possibly need......bad for business!!! You need someone who is precise.

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    I agree, There is no possible way to diag. the parking brake setup with out removing the wheels, brakes are basic on these cars, diy and save a ton of dough, brembo makes a great set 4 rotors and pads for 400.00 shipped, also changing the upper mount is 20 min of simple work, get the mount for 56 bucks and install it. FCP has the brakes and mounts..STAY AWAY FROM THE STEALERSHIP AT ALL COST,

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