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    Post Please, give me a "wheel primer"

    I want to get another set of wheels for my XC70.
    I've used the "search" button to the best of my ability, but still don't understand.

    I really don't care what they look like, so long as they are the same size as what I have now- I don't care if they match or not. Prefer them to be all different.

    I want to use them for winter tires.

    Anyway, am I correct that the offset from a V70/ S60 is not the same as an XC70? But they could be used with the correct spacers?

    Where do you get spacers?

    This is all Greek to me (since I don't speak Greek)

    I've never messed with anything with so many wheel sizes and offsets...
    It gives me a headache.
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    Most (FWD) Volvo wheels will fit with no problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRL View Post
    Most (FWD) Volvo wheels will fit with no problems
    Brake caliper clearance can be an issue with some 15s on the XC so be aware of that. 16s or 17s are probably a better option anyway though.


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