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    Default Clogged PCV, oil oil every where

    I just got a 1998 V70 XC for cheap, and there's a laundry list of things I need to fix, the most important I think is the PCV system which im sure is clogged indicated by white smoke coming out the tailpipe, dipstick tube and oil fill cap.

    Also the engine burns/leaks oil real fast, oil covers the engine. Theres even oil in the intake hoses.That cant be normal can it? Note: Replacing hose 9161092 in pic due to crack.

    Do you guys think a pcv rebuild will be enough?

    Ps im a volvo newb so sorry if im asking dumb questions, I really love this car and am willing to put in the time thanks for any input.

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    Probably not but a complete replacement of the breather box and all lines and hoses is the 1st place to go.
    You probably have a rear main seal leak at this point too with a system that clogged up

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