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    Default Gentlemen Behold!, I've found the holy grail of automotive repair awesomness!!

    well, i cant take credit for the find but i'll share the link to the thread

    lots of more info that we all can use to keep those old rustbucket cars of ours running
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    Default Holy Awesomeness Batman

    Have to say, very cool! Nice place for additional info Just downloaded some notes on spring seat replacement and cleaning the PCV intake nipple.
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    Awesome papertoast...nice find.
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    I just purchased a 2002 V70 XC and I used to work for the company hosting that Auto Repair Reference Center. I was excited to start reading through this forum and imagine my surprise when I found this post linking to my old employer. Must have been meant to be. While I worked there I made good use of that reference center as well.
    Have been enjoying the info in all the posts so far.

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    For my Mazda it says to rebalance the wheels to eliminate a steering wheel shimmy

    But, yeah, lots of good stuff in there.
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