Just had to have my fuel pump replaced to the tune of well over a thousand dollars. Cost and problem fall in to the "unreal" category. Hard to believe that something as simple as a fuel pump has evolved into a piece of equipment that apparently as complicated as something that is vital to the launch of the Shuttle. Oh for the days when a fuel pump was activated by the cam shaft, held on to the engine with two bolts, cost five dollars, took about ten minutes to replace and seldom failed. According to the Stealership that did my work, in order to get to the fuel pump, they had to remove the rear seat to get to the fuel pump? I haven't had time to survey the total amount of damage they did in doing this, but do know that the headliner and steering wheel are covered with greasy hand prints and after three days there is still a strong odor of gasoline in the car. My Volvo is an 03 S80 with only 45000 miles on it. Is this typical of Volvo dependability and excellence? Guess i'm going to have to go Japanese.
Comments please.