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    Default Great photos of the xc 60 and discussion of volvo

    slide number seven tells it all..

    but go thru them xc 60 shown in detail slide 12-14

    looks like the KUGOR shown in a later slide


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    Default Hmmmm -

    Putting Volvo on a stand alone basis - an euphemism for "disconnect it so it can be easily sold off"??

    Mine: XC 70 Sport 2009 D5 Inscription Electric Blue.
    VNS, DSTC and 4C, BLIS, LDW ventilated leather ACC; Yummy.

    All gone now - XC70 MY 13 SE LUX Flamenco red - goes better than the '09 even with its "Polestar plus" upgrade. I justy miss the PCC...

    Hers: V60 Flamenco Red 215HP D5 (like above XC70 spec)

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    Default lol no one said you were slow

    could not find a buyer because it became so integrated into ford.. have to disconect to find a buyer now...


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    tomorrow I go to the Geneva international car exhibition, I'll be able to take some picture of the XC60 which is shownin Volvo booth.

    I'll try to show some of them in this forum, if somebody is interseted.

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